Angeli Bayani (Teresa)

Angeli began her professional theater career in 2002 when she joined the Tanghalang Pilipino Actors’ Company, resident theater company of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Her film credits include Ang Huling Araw Ng Linggo (2006), Adela (2008), the Arte France telemovie, Esclaves de Mers (2009), and Pink Halo‐Halo (2010).

Internationally, she is most known for her roles in Filipino auteur Lav Diaz’s films. Her first Lav Diaz film, the 9 ½‐hour Kagadanan Sa Banwaan Ning Mga Engkanto (Death In The Land Of Encantos, 2007) was awarded the Special Mention Prize, Orizzonti at the 64th Venice International Film Festival.

In 2008, Angeli was presented the Vic Silayan Award for Best Actress – International Category at the Dekada Cinemanila Awards for her second Lav Diaz film, Melancholia (2008). The 8‐hour epic was awarded the Premio Orizzonti at the 65th Venice International Film Festival. She was nominated in the 32nd Gawad Urian 2009 for the same role. In 2013 she stars in Lav Diaz’s Norte, Hangganan ng Kasaysayan which has been selected for the Un Certain Regard section of the Cannes International Film Festival. Angeli received a Gawad Buhay citation for Outstanding Female Lead Performance for playing Monette (Irina) in Tanghalang Pilipino’s adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters, Tatlong Mariya (2010).

Along with her fellow actors in the film Presa (2010), she was presented the Gawad Tanglaw Award for Best Actress (Ensemble). She was also involved in “The Erotic Man” (2010) by Danish poet and film director, Jørgen Leth, friend and mentor to filmmaker Lars von Trier. Her recent plays are Care Divas (2011) and Noli Me Tangere The Musical (2011).

She was nominated as Best Supporting Actress for her role in Ka Oryang (2011) in the Cinema One Originals 2011 and the 35th Gawad Urian. She recently starred in Juana Change: The Movie, a political satire film written by Rody Vera and directed by Jade Castro. This is Angeli Bayani’s first film involvement outside the Philippines. For her role as Teresa, she was nominated Best Actress at the Asia Pacific Film Festival.

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