Is it worth shooting a movie in an abandoned place?

We have seen that in movies all the horror scenes happened in forests or it happens in the places which are abandoned. Do you know why? Because abandoned places are known as the cursed places and everyone feels insecure when they are somewhere which is an empty place.

If you will see the shootings of the movies and if you will watch their interviews then you can listen to their experiences. They will tell you about there comes a time when they experienced some spirits at that place and they were quite scared during the shooting.


It’s a responsibility of the government to take care of its citizens and to aware the people about the things which are dangerous for them. Therefore in some countries, it’s illegal to shoot in abandoned places to save them from any kind of danger coming in their way.

In some countries, if someone is going to find you in abandoned places and they will file a complaint against you then the court will sentence your punishment for the act. So, if you want to shoot at those places make sure that you are having a permission of the authorities to visit.


When you are visiting such places then it’s important that you must have their permission and you should go there when they are allowing you on your own risk. No matter if the government is allowing you or not but if the owner of a place is not allowing then don’t go for the safety purpose.

This is not a wise decision to go to the place where your life is at stake and where you and your team is not safe too. In most of the cases, it’s possible that if you are going to the abandoned place then you must experience paranormal activity and it’s not well for your mental health.

If you want to shoot in abandoned place then you can ask for the permission from the authorities and before going somewhere far away you can search abandoned places near me to get some information before you attempt something serious.


It may be possible that if you are going to the places which are not safe for you and for your team and it’s strictly prohibited to go there then you may get the arrest. It’s a law of some countries where you can get arrest if you are going against the government.

If a government is stopping you from going to the place where nobody is living and there is the story behind it then you should not attempt to go there. You can make artificial sets to shoot something which is not real and you want an audience to enjoy it.

This is not a good idea to shoot in abandoned places when you are with a small team because there are a number of incidents on the internet in which you can see how teams went missing and there is no evidence of those people yet.