The world is made up of statistical percentages and trying to convey it in a better way can help ensure that you can make the right estimate. They might not be inaccurate or credible, but an analyst can make sure that there is a lot of research which can backup the finding. There are so many ways which one can make the whole statistical process works well for you. The data statistics process involves the data collection, data entry, data analysis, data reporting and visualization.

There is a little math involved

One thing you have to keep in mind to make sure that you are aware of the many possibilities that the statistical equation can go wrong. Try to maintain charts and graphs which can help you catch the mistakes allowing you to get the right percentage for the sum. Try to apply common sense and judge the credibility and accuracy of the statistics.

Look for the source and check the authority

A statistic without a source is just useless, which can make it difficult to establish authority over the source. There are many sources that can give you a better result. You can look for the source authority with the help of Google Page Rank and Domain Authority which is a good metric to help measure the authority of a website. If you find that the source is outdate, the statistics is probably less accurate and credible.

 Find out if the statistics were biased or insignificant

Now that you have done your math and are checking the score, it is important that one goes a little deeper to understand the question. The statistics on the stage of data collection and the data analysis process can give a false true. Look into the concept of Sampling Bias which is always a good practice to get it checked before moving ahead with the process. If the sample size is too small, the result can easily be biased look for unrepresentative demographics, unrepresented geographic location, etc.

Try to question the statistics to be skewed or misinterpreted

The data collection result can easily be misinterpreted, which can allow one to draw the wrong conclusions and results. It is very important that you raise an issue to this stage of data reporting and data visualization. You can also let the experts do it who can do my statistics assignment online. Now that you have the results in your hand, it is easy for you to understand if the process is misleading. The collective exhausting means that one can easily get the preposition without having to find for a possibility of other events. Try always to look to find any logical explanations to ensure that you re not collectively exhausting the results with the repeated use of data.