Yeo Yann Yann

Yeo Yann Yann is a versatile and talented actor and theatre performer who has built a successful career across the mediums of film, television and theatre. A familiar name in Singapore and Malaysia, Yann Yann first secured her standing in the Singapore entertainment industry after a string of notable films such as Singapore box office hit 881, Singapore Dreaming, Love Matters and Being Human. She also won a Life! Theatre Best Actress award for her exceptional portrayal in the Chinese classic play, Thunderstorm. After returning to Malaysia, Yann Yann wowed the local audience with her leading role in the local drama series, The Iron Lady. Her other outstanding performances include Malaysia’s first period martial arts comedy Petaling Street Warriors, blockbuster drama series The Descendant and comedy sitcom Time FM.

This is Yann Yann’s second collaboration with Anthony after short film Ah Ma (Special Mention, 60th Cannes Film Festival). For her performance in Ilo Ilo, she has been awarded Best Actress at Vladivostok Pacific Meridian and the Dubai International Film Festival, and Best Supporting Actress at the Golden Horse Awards and the Asia Pacific Film Festival.

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